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Grower and Winery Services

  • Grapevine nursery stock quality evaluation with recommendations on suitability for planting.

  • Examination of vines in the nursery row in the year prior to delivery and at time of shipment.

  • Expert analysis of poor performance of recently planted nursery stock.

  • Expert analysis of established vineyard decline and performance issues.

  • Critical evaluation of factors contributing to substandard vine growth and recommended course of action. Development of recommendations for effective treatment. Representation of clients' interests in cases of dispute.

  • Expert legal testimony.

  • Location and selection of pathogen-free materials for development of in-house clonal trial programs and evaluation of standard, foreign, and California heritage varieties and clones.

  • Application of ELISA, PCR, and in vitro analytical techniques to determine plant stock quality.

  • Importation of grapevine stock, compliance with international quarantine standards, and development of clean stock programs.

  • Tactical Management support provided for new vineyard development and replant situations including rootstock and scion clone selection.

  • Tissue culture propagation and disease elimination.

Analysis and Quality Control.  
Critical evaluation of newly planted and established vineyard performance.
Independent pre-purchase evaluation and virus status determination of nursery stock.
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